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The Problem with and My Vision

I believe social meetup groups are incredibly powerful to individuals and communities. I've attended and help run multiple groups over the last decade and feel like the available web tools are not as good as they can be.

Many groups turn to to help host a group website, but's execution has left many group organizers wanting more.'s behavior is hostile:

In short, the tools and platform they provide are built for their interests and not your own.

We can do better. I think we can build a new platform that allows:

Who am I?

My name is Mike Zornek. I am a fellow group organizer and programmer from Philadelphia, PA. For many years I’ve been watching fall into a period of stalled development and questionable practices and it's time to offer something different.

Introducing Club House Hosting

Club House Hosting is a new platform that will help group organizers launch dynamic websites for their group using their own domain. These sites will feature traditional publishing tools as well as tools dedicated to the unique needs of running a group, from things like event calendars with RSVP systems to member directories.

While still in early development, my current goal over the next few months is to reach out to the community and learn from other group organizers what matters most to them most and use this info to help craft the Club House experience.

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